Trouble Shooting:

Your Watch Stops Working: 
Your automatic watch does not use a battery and winds itself using the movement of your wrist. It is normal for a watch to stop after 24-48 hours of not being worn. You will need to wind your watch and reset the time as outlined in this pamphlet. It will then automatically wind itself once you start wearing it again.

Your Watch is Losing Or Gaining Time: 
If your Automatic watch is losing or gaining time in a 24-hour period, while you are wearing it, the watch movement needs to be adjusted. All of our automatic watches feature Japanese Miyota or Swiss ETA movements with an adjustment screw just like the original. Any local jeweler can easily service these watches.

Chronograph Doesn’t Work: 
Our Swiss watches have fully functional chronographs just like the originals. If one of the chronographs stops working it needs to be serviced by a professional. Servicing a chronograph involves removing the case and manually restarting or replacing the mechanism that controls it. 

Unfortunately many Japanese made watches do not have the separate mechanism necessary to operate multi-function chronographs. If you wish to have fully functional chronographs we recommend you purchase a Swiss quality watch.

Battery Powered Watch Does Not Work
If your watch is not fully operational when you receive it, it may be necessary to remove and replace the battery of your watch to restart it.

We recommend having your watch serviced once or twice a year to ensure the mechanism continues to work.